Oct 11th (Friday), GM Andrey Gorovets is giving a simul in classroom N4360.
Max 20 seats for player with a CFC rating under 1900 (except approved by the GM in advance).
Entry fee and priority:
Players registered in main event has the priority to register in the Simul for $25.
Other players can register in waiting list for $45 (only charged after accepted).



  1. Simul giver plays White on all boards.
  2. Simul takers are required to record the moves.
  3. Simul takers should NOT move before simul giver approaches the board. 
  4. When simul giver approaches a board, the simul taker has to move; If the simul taker is not ready to move, he passes.  A maximum of 3 passes are allowed for each simul taker.
  5. For a pass, Simul takers are required to mark P1, P2, P3 on his record sheet. 


6pm to 8pm