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Be Cool, also be warm

New West Summer Open 2019

About West Chess Club

All that matters on the chessboard is good moves.

Bobby Fischer

We are chess players from New Westminster, Greater Vancouver, British Columbia and West Canada. We help improve in chess play, for each other and players in West Canada.

To achieve our goal, we learn from chess experts, teach ourselves and apply our live experience.

Club chess players
Club tournaments
Group Studies
Library books


Group Study

We study chess all together, for opening, tactics, endgames and so on. We share experience in tournament and general learning skills.

Topic lectures

We invite chess experts to give lectures on topics we recent need.

Club Tournaments

We run club tournaments (rated) for members to practice efficiently.

Inter-club Competitions

We invite other clubs to our place and also visit to them. We are a team.

Club Library

We read from our libraries. We also exchange information on everything in chess.

Online tools

We provide online tools for chess database and training.