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The 104th BC Closed and BC Women's Closed Chess Championship will be hosted by West Chess Club in New Westminster during Thanksgiving weekend.


Oct 11th - 14th
First round: 17pm, Oct 11th


Douglas College (New Westminster Campus)
700 Royal Ave, New Westminster
4th Floor N4360 (Main Venue)


West Chess Club


IA Stephen Wright (TD)


Eric Gu 
Email: (Preferred)

Sponsors List

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  • Format
    7-round Round-Robin for BC Closed
    5-round Round-Robin for BC Women's Closed (if 6 players) 
  • Time control
  • Rating system
    FIDE & CFC rated
  • Prize
    BC Closed: First place: $300, Second place $200.
    BC Women's Closed: First place: $100, Second place $50.
    Perpetual trophy for BC Closed First Place winner(s).
  • Participants
    All by invitation.

    BC Closed
      Rating Qualified by Accepted invitation
    Grigorii Morozov 2400 co-champion 2018 Y
    Tanraj Sohal 2351 co-champion 2018 Y
    Joshua Doknjas 2390 BCJCC 2019 Y
    Davaa-Ochir Nyamdorj 2330 BC Open 2019 Y
    Neil Doknjas 2145 Langley Open 2019 Y
    Brandon Zhu 2208 CFC rating Y
    Brian McLaren 2146 CFC rating Y
    Arpak Worya Mohammed Qanee 2198 CFC rating Y
    * Patrick Huang(by GPO 2019) and IM Raymond Kaufman(by Keres 2019) have declined invitation.

    BC Women's Closed
      Rating Qualified by Accepted invitation
    Kate Jiang 2034 CFC rating Y
    Uranchimeg Nyamdorj 1779 CFC rating Y
    Stephanie Gu 1718 CFC rating Y
    Veronica Guo 1589 CFC rating Y
    Larysa Plostak 1470 CFC rating Y
  • Tiebreaks
  • Entry fee
  • Equipment
    Provided (including chess sets, chess clocks and record sheets).
    Thanks to Chess2Inspire for the rental of chess sets and chess clocks!


Oct 11th / Day 1

Time BC Closed BC Women's Closed
16:45 Sign in -
17:00   Start of Round 1 -

Oct 12th / Day 2

Time BC Closed BC Women's Closed
10:00 Start of Round 2 Start of Round 1
15:00 Start of Round 3  Start of Round 2

Oct 13th / Day 3

Time BC Closed BC Women's Closed
10:00 Start of Round 4 Start of Round 3
15:00 Start of Round 5 Start of Round 4

Oct 14 / Day 4

Time BC Closed BC Women's Closed
10:00 Start of Round 6 Start of Round 5
15:00 Start of Round 7  -

No half-point byes are available for this tournament.
If your opponent doesn't show up for 1 hour after the round starts, you win by "forfeit"

Venue Detail

Crowd Release for Photography

Please be advised that photographs will be taken at the event (2019 BC Chess Championship) for use on the website and in the press, and other publications. By entering this event, you consent to the West Chess Club photographing and using your image and likeness.