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New West Open 2018 Flyer

Entry for New West Open 2018



  1. The player needs a CFC number to be registered; input FirstName LastName to search the player; select the proper one from the drop down list. In case the player has the same name with other players, pick up according to CFC# / Rating / Province / City.
  2. If no CFC number yet, you can pay CFC membership fee at CFC website.
    For adult annual, $38 and junior annual, $25; or just for this single event: adult, $16 and junior, $8.
    When you purchase a regular adult membership, you get a family rate of 50% off for the second member of the same family.
  3. CFC usually updates their database every Wednesday afternoon; if you want to register before CFC database updated, please send an email to, so we can put the player's name manually into our database.
Entry Type
Play up
Paid entry in same family
Choose rounds you request for half-point bye(s)